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PetCare Testimonials

"I have a two year old golden retriever and I did a lot of research to find a groomer that can be more convenient for me and can make my dog look great. I took a chance and find a mobile pet grooming service in Bergen County in the internet and I was very lucky to make an appointment with PetCare. They were on time and their service is very good and my dog looks great! I love the fact that I don't have to drive my dog anymore to get him groomed. Virgil and his assistant did a great job - the price was decent, didn't take long at all for my dog's grooming session and he even spoke with me about my dog and the extra care I can do for him as far as health and his behavior problems. I would HIGHLY recommend PetCare! I'll be calling to make another appointment very soon!" — G.M, Franklin Lakes, NJ

"Friendly, professional, answered all my questions and customized services to what I needed. Was unable to fit me on the same day - originally called the day before but was unable to confirm an appointment. Two groomers arrived and both were very courteous and attentive to dog care concerns. Excellent job, didn't rush, dog was happy, looked and smelled great plus they even dressed him in a cute bandana. Will definitely use again." — Raymond B, Hackensack, NJ

"I used PetCare for grooming my cats. They do the best work! I have longhaired cats and they did a nice job. They cut the nails of the cats, they did the shampoo, and they trimmed the fur. My cats looked beautiful. They were handy because they brought their truck in front of the door. They did everything outside. They were very good people. I speak Spanish and one spoke spanish to me. Their price was comparatively good, cheaper than what my vet charges. They were on time and I appreciate that. I highly recommend them to many customers." — Fr. George McBride of St. Elias Chapel, Lodi, NJ

"We have our labradoodle get groomed once a week by PetCare and once they are parked on our driveway, our dog would just go inside the van and jumped straight into the bathtub without being lifted. He was never like that with the other groomers, so PetCare must be very nice to him as he is looking forward for their return every week. Our dog comes home with a beautiful haircut, shiny and smelling good. I have recommended them to my neighbors and friends and they are all very satisfied with the service, too." — Nick C, Ridgewood, NJ

"The groomers were prompt, professional and very kind with my dogs. I have already scheduled them for the next visit." — Lisa F, Franklin Lakes, NJ

"I have used this company two times to groom my Persian cat. Once for a lion cut and shampoo, and the other time, to remove mats and bath. The groomer who came was the same person both times. The first time she cut the cat's whiskers by accident and that's because her whiskers were long and curly. The next time, she did exactly what was asked and the cat was clean and lovely. She was punctual and the company's willing to work around my schedule. Quick and excellent service. I would recommend their service as it is easy and of good quality." — Debbie W, Paramus, NJ

"The groomer who came was great, we loved her! We are very particular about our pet and she did just great as our other groomers." — Tim D, Maywood, NJ

"We have a cat named Jedah and He is a Domestic Longhaired and has a very thick coat of long hair. He had so many mats and snarls that he was scruffy and very uncomfortable. He couldn't even use the litter box without a mess! So I finally found PetCare mobile pet grooming service and Jedah was saved from his dilemma! I called Virgil and said he could help. The groomers came and the sevice was so easy and professional and not only that, it only took about 45 mintues for Jedah to have the cutest lion cut. He feels so much better, and demonstrates totally positive behavior in many ways. I think he was miserable with all that fur, now he's a bouncy fun cat again. They said he was very well behaved during the process and completely cooperative. WOW - we will be calling on PetCare on a regular basis for Jedah's grooming needs. All of this for a very reasonable price too, TRUST ME, I checked with my Vet and they were much higher and wanted to put him to sleep for the grooming. Even the regular grooming shop around me cost $20 more and PetCare is mobile that comes to me! " — Gina L, Teaneck, NJ

"I will continue using PetCare as long as I have my dog Frankie. They were a little late the first time I used them, but the groomer called me to let me know she was running late, which I found very considerate. My dog doesn't like car rides, so getting him into the van proved difficult, but thegroomers, helped out a lot in calming my Labrador Retriever down. He is a huge dog, but the two groomers managed to get him into the van. I was impressed!! I left the rest up to them, and they managed to bathe and blow dry him and they could even clip his nails and do his **** glands without hurting him. that's a first. What can I say, they are the professionals." — L.R, Fort Lee, NJ

"Great Service I had four of my cats shaved. Of all the pet groomers I have used, PetCare is the best!! I was able to reduce the price since I had 4 cats and didn't need their ears cleaned or nail cut." — Linda O, Fair Lawn, NJ

"Thank you for making my life easy. For a home service like yours I dont have to put my pet in the car and pick him up hours later, all stressed out and looking not as good as you did my dog today, Thanks guys!" — Divina L, East Rutherford, NJ

"Thank you so much for solving my problem with my cat when she got attacked by a skunk this summer.Your service is exceptional!" — Gino R, Hawthorne, NJ

"Groomed my cats (3) for nail clippings. This is my secod time I used them. They are great !"
Effie J, Teaneck, NJ

"I used PetCare. They groomed my 3 dogs. They are very kind and gentle." — Alison H, Wyckoff, NJ